Elevate Your New Year's Eve With Premium Caviar

Elevate Your New Year's Eve With Premium Caviar

There’s a special place for New Year’s eve in everyone’s hearts - whether it’s an intimate dinner with family and friends, or a grand celebration to usher in the new year. However we might celebrate New Year’s eve, there’s no shortage of the delicious food that we enjoy for the occasion.

Caviar is already quite a popular delicacy for New Year’s eve celebrations, closely followed by champagne (they perfectly compliment each other too!), so why not have it to celebrate the end of 2022?

Elevate New Year's Eve With Premium Caviar

A brief history of caviar

Caviar has been a staple for Russian and Iranian locals for as long as history was written. The sturgeons - of which caviar is extracted from - have swam in the colder parts of the northern hemisphere for 250 million years, and were particularly abundant in the Caspian Sea (which explains Russia and Iran being the two biggest producers of caviar throughout history). It was then made into more than just food, as people began to see it as a luxury item while it spread around Europe in the sixteenth century.

The increased demand to have caviar on the dinner table, particularly those  of the rich, has brought it forward to international prominence even today. The desire for caviar and its prestige not only comes from its everlasting shroud of luxury and high-end dining, but from the fact that it’s extremely delicious as well.

A dinner party to remember

For some of us, New Year's eve is the perfect opportunity to host an unforgettable dinner party filled with family, friends, and good food. It only comes once a year after all, so why not elevate your offering with some premium caviar for your guests to enjoy and savour?

Caviar, although always a pricey endeavour, does come in a few options nowadays. It is said that the cream of the crop in caviar (in terms of quality and taste) are the ones that came from a certain type of beluga sturgeon, of which is usually sourced from the waters of Iran. These days however, there are different types of caviar with different flavour profiles for you to enjoy.

We can wholeheartedly recommend the Kaluga Hybrid, a premium caviar sourced sustainably from farms which won't break the bank (as others might). We are challenging the way caviar is being enjoyed, focusing on making it more accessible while not compromising on the flavor, quality, and sustainability.

Nomad's Kaluga Hybrid Caviar

Recommendations For The Best Caviar Experience

For many, enjoying caviar on its own is already a treat fit for a king as the true flavor, texture and consistency shines all the way through.

However, there are accompaniments to caviar we think can greatly elevate your experience:

1. Buttered toast 

Buttered toast caviar

It comes as no surprise that this is by far one of the most common ways to enjoy caviar; with a small cutout piece of buttered toast and a dollop of the good stuff on top. The combination is one that will make you fall in love again and again with caviar.

2. Blini, crackers, or chips

Caviar And Blini Bar

Blini is a Russian-style buckwheat pancake that can be categorised as a more “fancy” way of enjoying caviar. It is quite easy to make though, so perhaps this can be your choice for a New Year’s eve dinner party. Make them bite-sized, with some sour cream and a dollop of caviar on top, and you can call it perfection. However, if you’re short on time, some crackers or potato chips will get the job done as well.

3. Cheese

Cheese with caviar

If you’re the type of host who loves serving a cheese board, then caviar is definitely a good accompaniment. 

4. Seafood dishes

Seared Scallops and Caviar

The robust flavor and texture of the caviar will compliment most seafood dishes well. Try adding a spoonful of it on top of fresh salmon sashimi, or cooked scallops, and see how it elevates the dish to new heights.

Happy guests, happy new year!

We can’t tell the future, but if you decide to serve some excellent caviar for your New Year’s eve dinner, we absolutely know your guests WILL love it. Whether you’re planning a dinner party for family and friends, or perhaps a more quiet shindig with a loved one, be sure to step up your celebration with some great caviar!

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