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Nomad Caviar



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This sensational caviar, with its distinctively robust texture, presents an extremely pleasant earthy and nutty flavour while having little to none fishiness to it.

The Kaluga sturgeon is a hybrid native to the Amur River Basin and is the cousin of the farmed Beluga. What results from this beautiful fish is the notably firm, full-flavoured beads of deliciousness, ready to be served. 

Store this caviar unopened in the fridge between 0 to 2°C for up to 2 weeks. If opened, store in fridge at the same temperature for up to 48 hours. Not recommended to freeze as it will affect the texture and flavour.

Our Kaluga caviar is sustainably farmed and hand-selected for quality. It is packaged in airtight tins to ensure freshness and can be delivered straight to your door in Singapore.

Order now to experience the rich taste and delicate texture of this exceptional caviar.

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